Easy Ways to DIY Your Easter Basket

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Your NJ Toy Store knows that the be-all end-all of Easter can be in the basket!  Aside form other festivities throughout the day, the goodies that come that morning are part of the excitement!  As we all know, these creations can be child-dependent, so get creative!  With that said, Learning Express has some awesome options to put in your basket that will be sure to impress!

  • Babs The Lamb Beanie Boo Plush: Like we explain on our website, this TY Beanie helps with multiple things: having a buddy, taking a nap or going on an adventure!
  • Fancy Friendship Bracelet: Get creative with friends!  While this one may seem like it’s only for the girls, the boys can get involved too.  While this is creative for the kids, it also teaches strategy.
  • Fubbles Bubbles with Pop-Up Wand: Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles in the yard with the entire family?  This is great for Easter celebrations and spring weather.  You can even carry it into the summer!
  • Bunny Popper: Squeeze the bunny and the ball flies 20 feet!  This is not just your average Easter toy!
  • Chirping Chick In A Box: What a perfect toy for the holiday for younger children!
  • Bunny Paddle: Another perfect toy to take anywhere with you.  This is sure to keep the kids occupied and help with their coordination!


While we have listed some awesome solutions to the problem of a boring basket, there are still a ton of things to chose from!  Be sure to shop online and check out some of our other awesome related Easter toys!  Should you chose to make an Easter Basket full of toys from Learning Express, please share a photo with us on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest!

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