Rainbow Looms are back! Your toy store in New Jersey carries Rainbow Looms and also holds weekly Rainbow Loom classes every Thursday! Please contact a location near your to check class availability, classes fill up quickly!

What Are Rainbow Looms?

The Rainbow Loom Bracelet Kit (formerly Twistz Bandz Bracelet Kit) makes it easy to create super cool rubber band bracelets in minutes! Whether your child crafts a bracelet for a BFF, to show school spirit, or to showcase his or her favorite colors, they’ll enjoy every step of the process. The kit offers instructions on how to create many different styles of bracelets in several difficulty levels.

How Do You Make A Rainbow Loom?

To make a cool creation, simply place bright-colored, latex-free rubber bands on the Rainbow Loom according to the pictured pattern. Then, use the handheld loom tool to loop the bands. Finish with a c-clip to hold the bracelet together, and stretch the masterpiece onto your wrist! This kit offers endless opportunities for creativity and experimentation. Crafty kids can even make rings and necklaces!

Skill Building Application for Rainbow Looms

Kids will work on their fine motor skills as they use their thumb and forefinger grip to place the rubber bands around the posts on the loom and loop the bands to complete the bracelets. Kids will also work on their cognitive and visual and spatial perception skills as they follow the illustrated directions, paying attention to sequence, shapes, and patterns.


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